When possible it is beneficial to withdraw from daily activities and mundane concerns for a while in order to devote ourselves to the practice of meditation. A peaceful and quiet environment enables the practitioner to be less enticed by various objects of distraction and thus helps his quest for interiority.

The monastic centre offers several kinds of stays : individual, collective stays and retreats.

Individual stays

The centre is open to anyone, buddhist or not, who wishes to stay at the centre to reload oneself spiritually for a given time ( refer to the conditions of stay).  A donation for meals and accomodation is requested.

Collective stays

Throughout the year we propose collective practice stays that last several days with the same schedule as on a regular day during a week end session. These collective practices are indicated on the schedule of events.

Periods of retreat

No visitors are allowed during retreats and the secretarial office is closed. 

Moreover, a "closed" retreat means that the people in retreat will have no access to any media and means of communication apart from getting in touch with their family daily if necessary.

Any person who wishes to go on a retreat can do so, provided they stay the whole time. Retreats are individual, which means you do your own practice in your room. Two daily rituals are performed in common: the practice of Green Tara and Riouo Sang Tcheu in the mornings and of Mahakala Tchadroupa and Tchenrezi in the evenings. Eventually, some individual instructions may be given by Lama Tsultrim if necessary.  



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