Twice a month, at 6pm there is a special practice intended for the Sangha :

  • Sangyé Mènla : on the 8th day of the Tibetan calendar, for the sick people
  • Amitabha : on the 15th day of the Tibetan calendar for those who died during the 49 days before the practice.

Calendar of the practices in 2015

Sangyé Mènla : 26 April, 26 May, 24 June, 24 July, 22 August, 21 September, 21 October, 19 November, 18 December, 17 January 2016.

Amitabha4 April, 3 May, 2 June, 2 July, 31 July, 29 August, 28 September, 27 October, 25 November, 25 December, 23 January 2016.

These practices are dedicated to all human beings, but on request they can be dedicated to a person in particular by filling in the form below. (The names of the people the practice should be dedicated to specifically are read out loud just before the recitation of the mantras). When you ask for an Amithaba practice, please do not forget to fill in the date of the person's death.

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    The first and last name of the person requesting support practice.
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  4. The full name of the person you want to dedicate the practice to :
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